Quick Fit Sukkah fits together real quick with no tools

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Quick Fit Sukkah

Quick Fit Sukkah fits together real quick with no toolsQuick Fit Sukkah fits together real quick with no tools.

Frame constructed from steel bars that fit into one another.

Quick Fit Sukkah frame is coated with durable epoxy  paint.

4 Mehadrin Lovud Straps make it extra kosher.

Easy to hang light-weight waterproof fabric attaches to frame with Velcro, and comes with a bag for storage.

Quick Fit sukkahs have windows with flaps for added light and a zipper door with screen to keep the bugs out.

Beautifully silk screened with Brochos, Ushpizin, and pictures.

Standard sizes

             4 x 6                    
4 x 10                  
6 x 8                    
8 x 10                  
8 x 12                  
10 x 12                  
10 x 16                  
12 x 16                  
12 x 24                  
12 x 32                  

Two-tone fabric colors

Light Green/Dark Green


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