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1. Tip the Sukkah on its side and stand facing its base, with the door open and to the right (see picture A).

2. Stand so that the tips of your feet are on the bottom rim. With your palms facing up, and your hands about 2 feet apart, grasp both rims at the top (see picture A).

Closing Sukkah

3. With both rims grasped firmly, push your right hand down and inward towards your left foot. Then fold the Sukkah over by pulling your left hand over towards your right foot (see picture B). The Sukkah should now be flat on the ground (see picture C).

4. With the Sukkah on the ground in front of you, place both feet on the base and kneel as illustrated. With both hands, grasp firmly the 2 rims (see picture D).

Closing Sukkah

5. Twist the upper part of the Sukkah by pulling your right hand towards your left shoulder. Now complete the twist by pushing your left hand around towards your right hip (see picture E).

6. The Sukkah should now look like 2 flattened disks (see picture F). Fold the top half down onto the bottom half and flatten (see picture G). Turn the Sukkah on edge and slide the elastic band around it (see picture H). Slide the folded Sukkah back into the bag.

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