Modular Sukkah Instructions

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NOTE: All panels and corner sections work on a male/female assembly system. Using two Male sides or two Female sides of matching panels or corner sections will not work properly.

Position panel at a 45 degree angle then insert side of panel (1) into the Female side (2) as shown in diagram.

Swing panels into place (see arrow).

All lock flanges  should be facing the outside.

The door panel is the same size as the wall panels and may be substituted for any wall panel throughout your Sukkah.

If the panels do not match up, turn one panel upside-down. There is no top or bottom to panels.

Do not leave Window or Painted Panels for last, as they cannot be turned upside-down. 

Modular Sukkah Instructions


After each panel to panel connection is made slide lock over outside flange of panels to secure the panels in place. (see diagram)

NOTE: The lock is used to lock the panels together and is not used at the corners. The lock slides down to the panel's first horizontal support rib.

Modular Sukkah Instructions

To double secure both panels, an 8" long bar with a cut in the middle is placed on top. 

Modular Sukkah Instructions

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