Canvas Sukkah Extra heavy reinforced canvas

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Canvas Sukkah Extra heavy reinforced canvas

Canvas Sukkahs come packaged in one box for easy shipping and storage.

Canvas sukkah frame is made from aluminum pipe and magnesium fittings.

Assembles with an Allen wrench which we provide.

Canvas sukkahs have windows with flaps for added light and a zipper door.

Extra heavy reinforced canvas.

Canvas attaches to frame with grommets at the top and Velcro straps.

Beautifully silk screened with Brochos, Ushpizin, and pictures.

Two-tone canvas colors


Standard sizes
6 X 8                                
8 X 10                              
8 X 12                              
10 X 12                              
10 X 15                              
12 X 19                              
12 X 28                              

Actual sizes are slightly smaller than listed due to manufacturing requirements.

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Big Canvas Sukkahs
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