6' x 8' Canvas Sukkah parts list & instructions

Read instructions before assembling Sukkah. You will need a step ladder.
Step 1.Lay out the poles & Fittings (screws facing up) in the shape of the Sukkah. Insert poles into fittings, without blocking the hole for the upright. Then tighten screws with the hex key till tight.

Step 2.Insert uprights into fittings till flush with the floor, and then tighten screws.

Step 3.Attach top fitting about 1-1/2 inch down on the pole (fitting can be moved up or down to tighten or loosen canvas), and then tighten screw until tight.
Step 4.Insert the (D) pole through door fitting (H) and tighten, then insert the (A) pole through the fitting (H) don't tighten before attaching canvas.

Step 5.First insert the (A) poles into fittings and tighten, then insert the (B) poles into fittings, and tighten.

Step 6.Unroll the canvas. On the top section (Lighter) there are gold grommets. Start with the corner of the canvas with the zipper, place the grommet over the pole, and push down till meets the fitting. Keep going counter clockwise towards the back wall of the Sukkah.

Step 7.Continue round the Sukkah till reaching the door. Adjust the door fitting (H) to the correct position for the door and tighten, then place last grommet over pole. Attach the door hooks over pole, then attach the hooks to the canvas through the small grommets and close the hooks.

Step 8.Attach Velcro to top & bottom poles of Sukkah.

Note: Halacha requires that 2 pieces of wood be placed on top of Sukkah below the schach.

Actual Size: 5'10" X 7'7"

Note: If your Sukkah is placed in a large open area or is subject to strong winds, secure it using bungee cords, rope, or other types of fastening material and tie it to a secure object. This will help prevent it from shifting or blowing over.

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