Bluma's Sukkah

Bluma Bussbaum needed a quality sukkah and she needed one fast so she took the Rebbe's advice and ordered a sukkah from UPS delivered her new sukkah just in time and Bluma was happy. Her non-Jewish neighbor, Gus Goosey, was kind enough to set up this funny shed thing and it only took 45 minutes! Gus threw these silly branches on the roof of this thing and asked Bluma for the tenth time, "Where'd you get this sucker?" Bluma replied politely, "Its called a sukkah and I got it from the master sukkah builders at" 

Gus Goosey went home and told his wife, Lucy, about this weird hut called a sucker with the funny branches for a roof. Lucy got worried about property values and called her brother the building inspector, Justin Case, who went to see the Bussbaum's contraption the very next day. "No way. This building violates at least 23 codes. It can't stay, no way, sorry." "But itís a Sukkah to bless the holiday of Sukkot..." "Nope." "But..." "Nope." "But..." These nopes and buts... continued for several minutes until Bluma realized that arguing with a building inspector is like fighting with a pig in the mud. The pig enjoys it.

Anywho, Bluma had to go to court the following day. Mr. Case presented his case to the judge, " least 23 codes violated... funny branches on roof flammable..." "You mean the Schach!" interrupted Bluma. "Gesundheit," said the judge. The judge knew not to argue with a building inspector so he ordered that the sukkah must be demolished within ten days. Bluma smiled and said, "OK."

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